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Kundan & Polki Jewellery Care
vagmi kundan polki jewelry care
You have an amazing piece of jewellery. 
We'll help you protect it forever. 
1. Know whats in your jewelery...

1. Your jewellery is either made up of  22K or 18K gold, that is the main body. It makes the entire body of the jewellery except for the kundan, and polki part.

2. The Polki or Glass, it is the layer that makes the covering of the basket, and reflects the light. 

3. Kundan or the 24K gold, that holds the glass or Polki in its place. 24K gold is used due to its high malleability. 

4. Silver -Yes there's silver in your jadau jewelery. Its the film of silver under the Polki/glass, that gives it the mirror like finish. 


3 cups


3 cups


Polki / glass (the outer covering)

1 cup


2 tbsp.


1½ cups


24k Gold/ Kundan
the border holding the polki)

Silver Film
the inner filling )

18/22k Gold 
(the gold that makes the jewel's body)

Know my anatomy

2. Know your jewel's enemy...

1. Water - water and moisture is the biggest enemy of your jadau jewellery. This is because it reacts with the silver and oxidises (corrosion) to turn it black.

2. Chemicals/ Cosmetics - Any sort of chemicals, like air fresheners, or deodorants, perfumes when sprayed directly on jadau jewelery, can create the same tarnishing effect that water does. Same thing is with your cosmetics (made up of chemicals). 
So if your're going out, or your're a bride, wear Jadau jewellery only after all the hair & makeup is done. 

3. Jewelry boxes & dummies - Yes they look great in them when gifted, or when its brought fresh from your jeweller. But, it is killing your jewelry. Yes, the same tarnishing effect is created when jadau jewelry, is kept for too long (days) in the decorative jewelery boxes. Force behind it is the chemicals (yet again). The glue used, and sometimes even the fabric used, is the damaging factor. 

3. How to protect... 

1. Keep it DRY! - If there's one thing to take away from this page, it is this. Keep your jadau jewelry dry! From water, chemicals, cosmetics, or any kind of moisture. Try not to wash your hands, wearing these pieces of art. 

2. Plastic Box - Ditch those fancy Jewellers' boxes (even ours for that matter), and get those Tupperwares, and plastic boxes out. Even glass containers are fine, if its air tight. Yes, your jadau jewelry shouldn't breathe. 
Before putting the jewelry in, line it up with tissue paper.
Avoid cotton. If you're extra careful, you can even put those boxes inside air tight zipper bags. 

3. Silica Gel - After telling you about all the enemies, this is probably your Jadau Jewelry's best friend. You find them in fresh new items. Its the Silica Gel bags. You can purchase them from the market, they even come in bigger boxes. Just place them near your jewelry or in the cupboard, it will seriously draw away all that moisture in the air. 

4. Cleaning So by now you could guess, that you don't have wash your jadau jewelry. Just use a soft dry cloth, or a suede cloth that we give with purchase of kundan and polki Jewelry. Make sure its dry, brush off any dirt with a very soft bristle pain brush, and then polish it off with the suede cloth.

Dont purchase any jewelry cleaner, cause, well it doesn't exist for jadau jewelry. 

Magic CleanerIf you have tarnished the silver under your Polki, it needs professional attendance. But, sometimes the gold, and Kundan also tarnishes, for that, just use an eraser very softly making sure you dont put pressure on the Polki/ glass, and it will de-tarnish it like magic. 

If you think there's something that you cant tackle, bring it in, and we'll sort it out for you, at our workshop. 

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